We are excited to feature another local retailer with our Shop Small series this week. No Limit Guitar Co. in Idaho is serving up some amazing ukuleles under the direction of store manager, Rulon Leman. We enjoyed our interview with him, check out their website for more info:  http://pianogalleryonline.com/

AU: How long have you all been in business?
RL: No Limit Guitar Co is a brand new guitar shop inside of Piano Gallery Music Superstore, we’ve been a piano shop for about 20 years, have been selling guitars on a small scale for 5-6 years, and within the last 18 months expanded into a full line guitar shop.

AU: When did you all start selling ukuleles?
RL: As above, the store had been selling a small selection of ukuleles for 2-3 years, and then in Fall of 2016 started aggressively expanding our selection.

AU: Tell us a fun fact about your business?
RL: We have one of the biggest selections of ukuleles in the state, teach ukulele lessons in our studios, and our General Manager Rulon has been an avid ukulele player for well over a decade.

AU: What kind of in-store events have you done or plan to do for ukulele?
RL: In addition to our private uke lessons, we’ve previously held free ukulele jam sessions in our recital hall. A storewide remodel put a stop to that for awhile, but we’re planning on re-starting bi-weekly acoustic jam sessions in the near future.

AU: What do you contribute to your success in selling ukuleles?
RL: #1 An absolute love of the ukulele. Back in college my roomates were mostly polynesian and we’d spend most nights jamming on the uke together, and I love sharing my passion for ukuleles with others.
#2 Service and selection. Both of our store locations normally have over 75 ukuleles on display in our showrooms, in all shapes and sizes, and for any budget, from our affordable entry level models to superb solid wood models in our high end acoustic room, and everything in between.

AU: How do you display your ukuleles?
RL: We have the majority of our ukuleles hanging on display trees/stands, and some of our nicer and larger models on a slatwall display, and then all of our solid wood models stay in our climate controlled acoustic lounge.

AU: Have you noticed any new trends in ukulele customer buying habits?
RL: Nothing drastic in recent months, but it’s been amazing to see the continued popularity of these instruments. I’ve been selling guitars for about 14 years, and the last 6-7 years ukuleles just seem to become more and more popular every year.

AU: What is your favorite Amahi ukulele?
RL: The Snail Ebony Uke has been a favorite of mine since I’ve been selling Amahi ukes. Excellent tone, great looks, and the side-cut soundhole gives the player the full package of tone when they’re playing. Amahi’s in general are, in my opinion, the best pairing of quality and value on the market, and the Ebony Snail is the perfect example of that.