Another Saturday means we get to feature another amazing local dealer! This week we want to recognize Lynchburg Music in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Here is our interview with store manager, Jessie Garcia.

AU: How long have you all been in business? And when and how did you get started selling ukuleles?

JG: We’ve been in business for 30 years come this April. We have always been in the industry of selling musical instruments and equipment, so we have always carried ukuleles since we opened.  Now it hasn’t always been a popular instrument until truly the last 5-6 years. Perfect example, looking at our sales in 2010 we sold around 40 ukuleles, and this past year alone in 2017 we sold just over 175 ukuleles!

AU: What do you contribute to your success in selling ukuleles?

JG:  Expanding our inventory and pricing affordability.

AU: How do you display your ukuleles?

JG:  We carry our ukuleles in our acoustic room along with all of our acoustic guitars. This helps us with sales especially when some people are just inquiring about how to play the guitar, we give them examples between ukulele and guitar.

AU: Have you noticed any new trends in ukulele customer buying habits lately?

JG: We have noticed that when a customer purchases one of our “lower end” (cheaper – colorful) ukuleles, they are not happy with the fact that it doesn’t always keep its tune very well, so they get frustrated and want to then purchase one that is of better quality. We explain to them what they are getting in the beginning and how they are meant for just the “hobby, good to look at, don’t care” type of playing. But if they show an interest in actually learning the instrument, we recommend putting in an extra $50-75 extra to get a nicer built ukulele.

AU: What kind of fun in-store events have you done/planned for ukulele?

JG: We truly do not have any events when it comes to our ukuleles. We do put them on sale come spring and summer so it can spark an interest for something fun to do.

AU: Tell us a fun fact about your business?

JG: We are one of the last surviving “brick and mortar” all in one music stores in our area. We offer marching band and orchestra rentals, full service repair shop, professional pro audio installations, product sales in all musical instruments, and a vastly growing education department.

AU: What is your favorite Amahi Ukulele?

JG: We certainly cannot pick just one ukulele but we are a big fan of the Snail Collection because they bring a certain professional looking and playing level to the ukuleles and at wonderful price!

Tune in next week to see a Q&A with another amazing local dealer.  Remember to support your local music store and shop small!