This week we are proud to feature another great small business, Family Music Centers in Las Vegas, NV.  Check out our Q&A with them!

AU: How long have you all been in business?

FMC: 23 years

AU: When did you all start selling ukuleles?

FMC: Late 1990’s – about 20 years.

AU: Tell us a fun fact about your business?

FMC: We are the Largest private music academy in Nevada

AU: What kind of in-store events have you done or plan to do for ukulele?

FMC: We are starting a ukulele club with a new hire – with group and private lessons.

AU: What do you contribute to your success in selling ukuleles?

FMC: The products are displayed well with easy access coupled with a knowledgeable staff.

AU: How do you display your ukuleles?

FMC: They are slat wall mounted and on a ukulele tree.

AU: Have you noticed any new trends in ukulele customer buying habits?

FMC: The trend is for our customers to purchase more expensive ukuleles.

AU:  What is your favorite Amahi ukulele?

FMC: The UK770C, Spalted Maple

To learn more about this amazing small business, check out their website: and don’t forget to Shop Small!