This week’s Shop Small Spotlight is on Damm Music Center in Wichita, KS.  We love seeing the uke love and comradery that local music stores provide through uke jams and workshops.  And at Damm Music Center they are offering some great opportunities! We had a blast chatting with Kevin Damm, check it out and don’t forget to shop small and support your local music store!

AU: How long have you all been in business?
KD: We opened in 2003, so 15 years.

AU: When did you all start selling ukuleles?
KD: We were an early adapter to the Ukulele Craze. I would say around 2007, 2008 we really jumped in and started stocking a good selection of ukes.

AU: Tell us a fun fact about your business?
KD: We recently doubled our store size. In June this past year we relocated into a 6700 square foot store. One of the fun things we added in the new store is a performance stage and area for events like Ukulele Saturday.

AU: What kind of in-store events have you done or plan to do for ukulele?
KD: We have Ukulele Saturday on the 2nd Saturday every month. At 2pm we have a free beginner class, at 3pm we have a Ukulele Jam
We are also having a Ukulele Workshop for Classroom Teachers in June. For teachers that want to start a program at their school.

AU: What do you contribute to your success in selling ukuleles?
KD: Everything we can. I just went to an elementary school yesterday that has ukulele in music class. Their ukulele section had just ended and the teacher wanted me to come out and discuss options for students to buy their own instrument so they could continue playing.

AU: How do you display your ukuleles?
KD: Mostly on rack, some on the wall.

AU: Have you noticed any new trends in ukulele customer buying habits?
KD: People are still buying and entering into the market. Those that have played for a while are buying nicer models.

AU: What is your favorite Amahi ukulele?
KD: UK210S. The bread and butter of our Uke Business, a great instrument at an affordable price.